At Purbrook Junior School, we inspire all of our pupils, regardless of ability and background, to – Dream Big! We nurture them so, no matter what their goal, they will strive to be the very best that they can be and therefore be open to a rich and wide world of opportunity. We believe that reading is the greatest vehicle for this.

We put reading at the core of every subject and we endeavour to create a culture where our children are thirsty to absorb knowledge and experience through their reading. Only as fluent readers can our pupils harness a firm grasp of the world in which they will live and thrive as citizens; but we also strive to foster a love of reading through high quality texts; celebrated authors; a well-stocked library with regular and stimulating access to it and a range of engaging events to promote and cultivate a real love of reading.

​We recognise the importance of encouraging a ‘love for reading’ and the many positives it can offer a child (and adult!). Reading is a source of pleasure as well as an invaluable resource for ideas, knowledge and information. We strive to ensure that our children become confident and fluent readers by the time they leave Year 6. This is achieved through the selection of key texts to drive learning forward, allowing teachers to teach pupils how to read and to love to read.

Your child is expected to read at least five times a week. At the beginning of the school year, each child is given a Reading Record where they are to record their daily reading. The children are responsible for completing these but it is expected that parents and class teachers monitor these regularly.

The school follows the Project X scheme where the scheme texts vary in difficulty and are represented by a coloured band. It is expected that all pupils (with the exception of some SEND children) should have progressed to a ‘free reader’ by the end of Year 4. ‘Year Group Reading Challenges’ are set for those who are ‘free readers’ – rewards and incentives are offered to those pupils who read age appropriate books on a regular basis.

Due to the file size of the Reading Curriculum, it has been split into 3 parts below.

PDF_icon Reading Curriculum Part 1
PDF_icon Reading Curriculum Part 2
PDF_icon Reading Curriculum Part 3


At Purbrook Junior School, we believe that giving our children the skills required to be great writers will enable them to achieve their very best. We want pupils at our school to feel confident in communicating their knowledge and ideas through their writing. We want pupils to acquire a rich vocabulary, a good understanding of grammatical rules and be able to apply spelling rules and consider spellings patterns throughout their time at our school.  We want children to write clearly, accurately and independently adapting their writing based on audience, purpose and form. We believe that all pupils should strive for high standards of presentation enhanced by clear and legible joined handwriting. We want children to play a part in the editing process and understand the purpose of editing to improve refining their work during and after writing. We will support those with SEND in writing using various scaffolds and support systems such as Clicker 7 to enable every pupil to achieve their full potential.

PDF_icon Writing Curriculum

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” – Stephen King

Our current English leader(s) are: Mrs N Forrester and Mrs T Green

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  1. PE days: Year 3 Tuesdays & Thursdays, Year 4 Tuesdays & Wednesdays, Year 5 Mondays & Fridays, Year 6 Thursdays & Fridays
  2. Children need only bring their reading records, lunch and water bottle to school. Stationery, large rucksacks and toys are not required. Thank you.
  3. Children are not to bring Prime drink into school. Thank you.