Our 2021 Eco Warriors have been elected – well done to our new representatives and to all those who put themselves forward!

Our Eco-Warriors are elected on a 2-year cycle which means our Eco-Warrior representatives who were elected in 2021-2022 will continue their duties in 2022-2023. Year 3 representatives for 2022-2023 will be chosen in Spring term.

Our next steps will be:

  • to meet and discuss current procedures and new concepts/ideas

Our 2022-2023 Eco Warrior representatives:

Year 3 Year 4

To be elected in Spring 2023


Austin M

Keira S

Bobbie M

Year 5 Year 6
Jack G

Cooper H

Jack S

Lucy M

Erin B


Lily E-K

Abigail B

Elliott S


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