29.6.2021: This page is currently in the process of being updated. Please find our revised Feedback Policy at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your understanding.

Assessment plays an important part in every day life at Purbrook Junior School and is implemented in a number of ways. Teacher assessments are made each day; this allows teachers to recognise that children have understood what has been taught. Ultimately, this allows children to be swiftly moved forward with their thinking and learning. It also allows teachers to pinpoint misconceptions; these are identified instantly so children do not finish the lesson unsure of what has been taught. In practice, teacher assessment might be achieved through use of whiteboards, questioning, live marking* or allowing children to use the classroom’s interactive whiteboard.

​In addition to day to day assessment, teachers will also assess children at the end of some units of work. These may be achieved through quizzes or practical activities. Teachers are continuously monitoring to ensure that all children are making the expected progress within their age group. If at any point it has been identified that a child might need support, immediate intervention groups or pupil conferencing* with the class teacher will take place to ensure they are kept on track.

​Marking plays a significant part of teacher assessment at Purbrook Junior School. Live marking is the quickest form of marking for teachers and takes place at the point of learning. This allows teachers to identify who has understood the learning and those who might need support. These children instantly become priority to ensure they understand the learning by the end of the lesson. Marking is quick and efficient and all pupils are expected to purple pen the feedback given to them so as to identify their own errors and make further improvements.

​The school hold regular pupil progress meetings throughout the academic year. These take place between class teachers and senior leadership and informs future teaching, provision and delivery of the curriculum.

​In addition to the Year 6 SATs which take place in the month of May, Purbrook Junior hold termly summative assessments for Year 3, 4 and 5 in Reading and Mathematics. This further supports teacher assessment, allowing teachers to monitor progress, set future targets and pinpoint key areas for improvement.

​The school has two parent consultations over the course of the academic year where children’s progress can be discussed with their class teacher; one during the Autumn term and one during the Spring term. These are perfect opportunities for parents to discuss all aspects of their child’s learning and behaviour as well as their personal and social qualities. In the Summer term, parents will receive a full written report of how their child has progressed.

You can find the school’s marking and feedback policy below:

PDF_icon PJS Feedback Policy 2021

*Live marking – marking that takes place at the point of learning (during lesson time).

*Pupil conferencing – one-to-one allocated time to discuss learning that has taken place and for support to be given.

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