Purbrook Junior School

Our Curriculum

Purbrook Junior School offers an exciting curriculum that engages children with learning by developing their thinking skills and equipping them to become lifelong learners who are able to raise questions, partake in deep thinking and reflect on their learning. There is a strong emphasis put on ‘learning to learn’ alongside building resilient learners with a growth mindset.


Learning is fun, inspiring and ambitious at Purbrook Junior, personalised to challenge and meet the needs of all children. The children learn through themes, crafted into exciting and stimulating cross-curricular learning opportunities which meet all the statutory requirements of the 2014 KS2 National Curriculum. This is underpinned by key progressive skills milestones which identify the appropriate level and understanding expected of the children at their age range.  

Our vision of ‘Dream Big…’ and our three core values – RespectTeam and Achieve – underpin and drive all areas of our curriculum. We heavily encompass the British Values and SMSC.

You can discover more about each subject taught at Purbrook Junior School using the subject icons below.