We are proud to offer our pupils a wide variety of sporting and other activities to enhance their school day. Opportunities are given for your child to experience a range of sports from golf and indoor bowls to football and basketball. We are a competitive school and encourage children to take part and compete at all levels.

The 3 levels of competition on offer are:
LEVEL 1 – Intra School Competition – in school between classes/houses etc.
LEVEL 2 – Inter School Competition – Gold/Silver/Bronze leagues. Children are selected to take part on behalf of our school, depending on their ability. Selection can be as part of a trial or performance at a specific After School Club or during PE sessions.
LEVEL 3 – Inter Area Competition – to qualify for this level of competition, an Inter Schools local Gold league must be won.

Current timetable 2021/2022

MondayAM YR 5/6 Basketball  –  PM YR 5/6 Football – Rock 2 the Beat
TuesdayAM Golden Mile
WednesdayAM Fitness Circuits  –  PM Girls Football Club and CM Sport Football Club
ThursdayPM Yr 3/4 Basketball Club, Karate Club
FridayPM Cross Country Club

PJS administer the following clubs below. All other before and after school clubs are provided by Sport4Primary.
-Breakfast Club
-After School Care Club
You can visit Sport4Primary’s website at www.sport4primary.co.uk
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