At Purbrook Junior School, we understand how modern technology is forever changing. As an educational establishment, we have the responsibility to ensure that all children keep up with the pace of society’s technology. Furthermore, we as educators, appreciate the wonders of technology as it allows us to enhance our teaching, learning and the curriculum.

​Children need to be able to use modern technology as it is so readily available in our continually developing and changing technological world. We understand that Computing inspires and engages children in many areas of their education and so we aim to encourage our pupils to build a sense of independence and confidence when using technology whilst also being completely aware of the dangers of technology – our number one priority is ensuring children can use technology and the internet safely and appropriately.

Computing is implemented across all areas of our curriculum and we continually encourage children to make use of our school’s technological resources to support them in their learning. We are equipped with two trolleys containing a total of 32 iPads, seven trolleys consisting a total of 124 laptops and eight virtual reality (VR) headsets. These are shared across our four year groups. The equipment is used frequently and so children develop a real level of independence quickly. When Computing lessons are taught, children focus on computer science, programming and how computers work – the emphasis is taken away on how to use them.

Our current Computing leader is: Miss A Barfoot

Computing Curriculum Statement
2021-2022 Computing Overview

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