Purbrook Junior School

Design and Technology

At Purbrook Junior School, every child has the opportunity to plan, design, create and evaluate a range of exciting and inventive projects. These projects allow children to build a number of skills including generating ideas, producing detailed annotated sketches, performing a range of practical tasks such as cutting and shaping and evaluating their ideas against a design and success criteria.

Furthermore, children build a level of resilience and confidence as they realise the design process can involve a number of setbacks; we want our children to persevere and overcome such challenges as these will be obstacles they may have to tackle in the real world.

​As part of our Design and Technology curriculum, we also focus on cooking and nutrition. We strive on creating an environment that promotes healthy eating and living; children are given the opportunity to cook and bake during specific units of work as well as learning about the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and where food comes from.

Our current Design and Technology leader is: Miss L Yates