Purbrook Junior School

School Uniform

It is expected that every child will wear school uniform. Your help in ensuring our school pupils are smartly and appropriately presented is greatly appreciated.

Children should wear a white shirt/blouse/polo shirt with grey or black trousers/shorts/skirts.   During summer months, gingham school dresses may be worn (any colour).  Jumpers or cardigans should be maroon in colour. In all cases, clothing should be appropriate for school use.  Jeans and leggings are not appropriate and should not be worn.

To form part of our uniform, we ask that shoes be black or brown in colour.  School shoes should be purchased with the demands of school and running around on the playground in mind.  Trainers, if worn, must be completely black in colour.  White sandals are permitted during summer months, however this is done so at the parents’ own risk.

Uniform at a Glance

Trousers/shorts/skirts:          Grey or Black
Shirts/polo shirts*/blouses:   White
Round neck sweatshirt*:       Maroon
Cardigan*:                             Maroon
Summer dresses:                 Gingham (any colour)
Socks:                                   White , Black or Grey
Shoes:                                   Black or Brown

(items marked * are available with an embroidered school logo)

PE Kit

For PE lessons children should wear a house-coloured polo shirt (or plain coloured t-shirt) and black shorts.  The colours are Red for Nelson House, Yellow for Southwick House and Blue for Widley House.  Football kits are not appropriate (even those in house colours) and should not be worn.

For outdoor activities, during colder weather, additional clothing or tracksuits can be worn.

Footwear for PE should be plimsollsfor indoor activities and trainers for outdoor activities.

PE Kit at a Glance

Shorts:                                       Plain black
Polo Shirt* (House colours):      Widley – Blue. Southwick – Yellow.  Nelson – Red
Footwear:                                  Plimsolls (indoor PE) Trainers (outdoor PE)

(items marked * are available with an embroidered school logo)

Purchasing School Uniform

School uniform can be purchased from Skool Kit, located at the Meridien Centre, Havant, or via their online shop which you can find by clicking this link. Please note that uniform can no longer be purchased directly from Purbrook Junior School.