Purbrook Junior School

Activities Overview

We offer lots of extra curricular clubs and activities throughout the school year. The sports clubs will run parallel to the School Games Calendar so that entries may be made to the different level competitions. Other clubs are included to compliment these, specifically for children that prefer non-sport activities. We also offer a general After School Care Club, available daily for parents that need extra childcare until 4:30pm, either on a regular basis or ad-hoc. Activity/Sport Clubs are run in the morning, lunchtimes and after school The clubs we offer are:

Golden Mile Running Club  – To increase stamina and general wellbeing – How fast can you run a mile? Offered two mornings a week from 8am. Start your day with some healthy activity and aim to improve your stamina.

Purbrook’s Voice (Choir) – Learn new songs, both modern and the classics.

Football – Trials and training, for those selected for teams take place at the beginning of term. Teams play in a local league, Hampshire Cup matches and Tournaments.  A Girls’ Football Club also runs after school, open to girls’ of all abilities.

Karate  –  Sama Karate deliver after school sessions for all abilities with the chance to earn the various belts when graded.

Basketball – Trials take place early in the Autumn Term for teams to play in the local leagues and tournaments. A Basketball Club currently runs mornings from 8am, open to children of all abilities.

Outdoor Activities Club (Gardening) –  Maintain and improve the school environment with our gardening team.

Hockey – Fast, exciting and lots of fun with the chance to be selected to play in the local league.

Rock Challenge – A Performing Arts Club. Each year a theme is selected and performed at the Portsmouth Guildhall.

Science Club – Learning about all areas of science including, making Volcanoes, Bath Bombs and dissecting!

Dance – Learn fun routines and develop your dance skills

Story Time Club – Come along to the library on a Thursday lunchtime to share a story read by staff members and/or other pupils.

Colouring Club – Hone your colouring skills colouring integrate patterns and pictures to create works of art!

Cross Country  –  This strenuous sport is very popular. Children train and then run in the league on Portsdown Hill in the local and area championships.

Netball – Learn the positions and passes of this very popular sport with the opportunity to take part in local Leagues and Tournaments.

Chess Club – A lunchtime club with the chance for your child to develop or learn this strategic game.

Sewing & Knitting Club – A lunchtime Club to learn various areas of the art of sewing and knitting, from sewing on buttons to completing projects.

Tag Rugby – Learn the skills of evasion and invasion in this fast moving, skilled game. Children are selected to play in local leagues and tournaments.

If your child would like to join any of the above (when on offer), please contact Mrs Kennett at the school office.


MONDAY*Breakfast Club 7:45/8:45
|*Basketball Club 8:00/8:45 - School Playground
*Girls' Football 3:20/4:15 - School Field
*Netball Club/Training 3:20/4:15 - School Playground
*After School Care Club 3:20/4:30 - Mary Rose Suite
TUESDAY*Breakfast Club 7:45/8:45
*Golden Mile Running Club 8:00/8:45 - School Field
*Chess Club 12:30/1:00 - Hodan Room*Science Club 3:20/4:30 - Hodan Room
*Tag Rugby 3:20/4:15 - Playground/Field
*Dance Club 3:20/4:30 - School Hall
*After School Care Club 3:20/4:30 - Mary Rose Suite
WEDNESDAY*Breakfast Club 7:45/8:45*Sewing/Knitting Club 12:30/1:00 - Hodan Room*CM Sport Football 3:20/4:30 - School Field
*After School Care Club 3:20/4:30 - Mary Rose Suite
THURSDAY*Breakfast Club 7:45/8:45
*Golden Mile Running Club 8:00/8:45 - School Field
*Storytime Club 12:30/1:00 - Library
*Colouring Club 12:30/1:00 - Hodan Room
*Purbrook's Voice (Choir) 3:20/4:20 - Hodan Room
*Karate Club 3:20/4:20 - School Hall
*Outdoor Activities Club (Gardening) 3:20/4:30 - School Grounds (Spring 2)
*After School Care Club 3:20/4:30 - Mary Rose Suite
FRIDAY*Breakfast Club 7:45/8:45
*Indoor Athletics Team Training (Invite only) 8:00/8:45 - School Hall
*Cross Country Club 3:20/4:15 - School Field
*After School Care Club 3:20/4:30 - Mary Rose Suite

For full details of club fees, age groups,  and to sign up your child – Letters are available from the school office or sessions may be purchased via the Parentmail shop.