Purbrook Junior School

Music Lessons

Important information for parents and pupils who have instrumental/vocal lessons with Hampshire Music Service…

Continue Music Lessons During Lockdown

Keep Calm and Make Music

FREE Primary music resources can be found on the HMS Keep Calm and Make Music webpage. If you are prompted for a password use musicfun

Files on the HMS website are in the PowerPoint format (PPTX). If you don’t have PowerPoint installed on your computer you can download and install a free PPTX viewer by clicking here.

Year 6 Warm Up Songs

Mrs Cain has kindly provided two warm up songs that year 6 will be familiar with and can practice at home. You can find them by clicking the following links…
Funga Alafia – An African Greeting Song
Funga Alafia – An African Greeting Song (extended with backing track)
Get Set-You Bet

ğŸŽ¶ HMS Virtual Learning Zone ğŸŽ¶

The HMS Virtual Learning Zone is open for the summer term. Please go to https://www.hants.gov.uk/educationandlearning/hampshiremusic/securearea/student to log a parent email address. Initially you need to use the user name and password that can be found on the front of your practice book. You will then be able to register and log your email address.

By logging on to the Learning Zone, you will be able to:

*have email conversations with your child’s music teacher

*get advice and information on how to help them progress with their instrumental/vocal skills.

*access an extensive resources section which includes video demos by HMS staff and lots of music, technical exercises, worksheets, ensemble activities etc.

*the opportunity to upload audio or video recordings of your son/daughter playing, for a more detailed response from their teacher.

Teachers will respond at least once a week during term-time, and you will have open access to all the online resources. This provision is available for HMS students, so please do not share the password with students who will not be registered to communicate with an HMS teacher.

The Zone is now open to sign in, please visit….

  • Follow the instructions on the ‘Student secure area’ page and click on the pink ‘Student area’ button to continue.
  • Enter the username and password which you will find in your son/daughter’s practice diary, and click ‘ok’ (username: hmsstudent, password: learningzone).

Here you will find links to the various sections contained within the Learning Zone, along with instructions on how to contact your teacher and upload recordings of your children playing.

If you experience technical issues with the website, please email e-support@hms.hants.gov.uk

We hope you enjoy the resources and opportunities to continue engaging with our teachers and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Jill Larner

Head of Hampshire Music Service